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Abwa-Tec GmbH – Your specialist for waste water treatment and filtration systems

As a manufacturer of water treatment system in the fields membrane technology, micro-filtration, ultra-filtration, nano-filtration, reverse osmosis and plate separators the company Abwa-Tec GmbH (LLC) is you expert for waste water treatment in industrial and food technology applications. As a single stop provider we offer everything from planning to the actual commissioning of systems.

Our service range comprises the analysis and process selection, for waste water treatment and preparation, as well as the planning, engineering and construction of industrial waste water treatment and recycling plants. Also after setting up your waste water treatment plants and system we are there for you with a premium service team at all times.

The members of our staff are your dedicated experts in the fields of waste water treatment and circuitry for industrial process waters. Whether it is waste water cleaning, treatment with membrane filter systems, state of the art machinery and system, we will convince you with our decades of experience and premium expertise.

Expert filter technology and waste water engineering!

Water treatment is an important issue in environmental protection. We support our customers by the novel of approach of providing recycling systems and process technology straight from the manufacturer Abwa-Tec.

You are interested in membrane filtration, looking for a supplier of ceramic and polymer membranes for water treatment or membrane filtration? You have come to the right place!

Our team members are here for you – simply get in touch for advice and information!

Abwa-tec: drinking water treatment and food industry

Abwa-tecfilter systems are used for

  • alkaline degreasing baths
  • acidic degreasing baths
  • pure water circulation systems
  • phosphating baths
  • grinding waste water
  • ultrasonic cleaning baths
  • cooling water treatment
  • galvanic process baths
  • textile laundry water
  • demineralized water production
  • drinking water treatment and food industry