Many advantages from inclined belt filters

basic technical knowledge

Abwa-Tec inclined belt filters ensure effective filtering of all liquids, prevent operational shut-downs and improve OSHE. In addition they are especially advantageous when treating liquids with a high pollution rate, increasing the economic results. Abwa-tec inclined belt filters are the perfect solution for the following applications:

Benefits for the user


The functioning of the plant

Inclined belt filters are used for filtering liquids by means of a filter fleece. The device is an inclined hydrostatically working filter (above own liquid weight) filtering liquids by means of a filter fleece. The device is a hydrostatic (through the own weight of the liquid) inclined filter, where all parts in contact with the medium are made of stainless steel. The filtering is done by means of a self-sealing filter fleece, adjusted to the respective customized application.

The filter fleece is transported by means of a gear motor and after used wound up. The fleece transport is controlled by means of a float switch and the filter residues are stripped off by means of a waste stripper.

Applications Particle / Sludge separation
Functional principle Separation via filter flow
Filtrate capacity up to 20 m³/h
Total membrane area Depending on application
Membrane pore size (cut-off) > 5 µm
Electrical power supply 1,5 – 8 kW

In belt filters or deep-bed filters, the liquid is filtered through a nonwoven filter medium, the quality being selected according to the specific application. The used nonwoven filter media and the filter dirt will be separated.

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