Hollow fiber module systems from Abwa-tec

basic technical knowledge

Abwa-Tec supplies hollow fibre module system, with which large filter surfaces can be combined in a very small space. In hollow fibre modules, also known as capillary modules, so-called capillary membranes are combined to form modules of just a few square millimetres to large filter units of several square metres – saving space and costs!

The functioning of the plant

In capillary modules a bundle of hollow capillaries is inserted in a case and sealed on both ends with curing resin material. The walls of the capillaries are the actual membrane.

In-outside system

The process bath to be treated flows through the capillaries with a high flow velocity and under pressure. The filtrate (permeate) permeates through the membrane, is collected in the case and exits through the filtrate fittings.

Out-inside system

The out-inside system works the other way around: The process bath to be treated is under pressure and flows past the capillaries and through them, so the filtration direction is from outside to inside. The advantage is that a safe operation is also possible with highly polluted process baths (or those with a variety of pollutants).

Applications Application for complete removal of solids
Functional principle angential flow filtration, Dead-end filtration
Filtrate capacity 0.1 - 100 m³/h
Total membrane area Depending on application (Polymer membrane)
Membrane pore size (cut-off) Typical0.05 - 0.2 µm
Electrical power supply From 1 kW

Modern filtration method using highly porous symmetrically constructed polypropylene membrane. This results in extremely high permeability rates. In addition, the homogeneous structure ensures high resistance to abrasion and other mechanical stresses.

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