The nano / Reverse-Osmosis – the Abwa-Tec nano-filtration

basic technical knowledge

The nano / Reverse-Osmosis Systems for pure water extraction provide large membrane surfaces in relation to the module volume. The special design provides for optimum filtering properties at minimum energy consumption. There are sanitary and industrial versions available for the various application scenarios.

Abwa-tec GmbH is a manufacturer of membrane systems in the nano and reverse osmosis field. Based on the requirements of our customers we develop the perfect system concept. Look no further, because Abwa-Tec is your competent single stop supplier and provider of analysis, concept development and an in-house production.

The functioning of the plant

The nano / Reverse-Osmosis systems consist of several “membrane pouches” are wound in spirals around a central perforated permeate (filtrate) collection pipe. Each membrane pouches consists of a dual layer membrane with drainage fleece between the two layers, and the pouches are sealed with glue on three sides, with the fourth side open to the permeate pipe.

Between every two pouches a spacer is wound into the spiral in the module. The input solution or concentrate (rententate) flows axially through the module and the spacer at high speed and under pressure (creation of turbulence). The permeate penetrating through the membrane is fed through the drainage material in several spiral windings to the permeate connection pipe, through which it exits.

Applications Drinking water treatment
Functional principle Diffusion of a liquid
Filtrate capacity 1 - 150 m³/h
Total membrane area Depending on application
Membrane pore size (cut-off) 1 nm (0.0001 µm)
Electrical power supply From 1.5 kW

In reverse osmosis technology, extremely fine filtration (also known as nanofiltration) forces water through a semi-permeable, multi-layer membrane. The extreme fineness of 0.0001 micron of the membrane ensures that only water molecules can pass through.

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