Abwa-Tec: The Company

Abwa-tec GmbH has been your specialist in the field of treatment and recycling of industrial process water for 20 years. We supply machines and systems, as well as the complete know-how.

As a manufacturer of microfiltration systems - ultrafiltration systems and other processes for the bath treatment systems, we offer a full service. This starts with the analysis of the process wastewater, continues with the selection of the process, the engineering and the construction of the plants, up to the commissioning.

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Abwa-tec motto and philosophy

Abwa-tec offers you transparency and appreciation in all project steps.

Transparency creates trust.

Trust is the basis of a successful and long-term customer relationship.

Abwa-tec offers individual solutions in the field of water treatment.

On request, each filter system can be commissioned by Abwa-tec GmbH and handed over to the customer. Depending on the customer's requirements, the operators of the system are intensively trained on site in the handling and maintenance of the system. Don't want to take care of the maintenance of your systems yourself? Take the opportunity to conclude a service contract for cost-effective maintenance of the system by Abwa-tec GmbH!

The secret of business success is understanding the partner's point of view.

»Quality beats price«

The special advantages of our systems and associated processes are obvious: universal applicability in various waste water environments, low energy requirements, and the fact that no chemicals are used for the separation.

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