Abwa-Tec: The Company

The company Abwa-tec GmbH (LLC) is YOUR specialist for the treatment and circuitry of industrial process waters. We supply machinery and system, and we deliver an extensive expertise.

As a manufacturer of micro- and ultra-filtration systems and other process for pool water treatment system we provide a full service, starting from the analysis of the process waste waters produced, over the process selection, engineering and construction of facilities, all the way to the final commissioning of the systems.


We not only supply the systems, but Abwa-Tec GmbH focusses on service and customer care after the installation

so we are your prime choice in this field!

Abwa-Tec: Customized solutions to your filtration system

Each system is installed and started up by Abwa-Tec Gmbh and then transferred to the new owner. Depending on customer requirements the operators of the system will trained extensively on the handling and operation of the system, incl. normal maintenance. And in case you do not want the trouble of dealing with maintenance and servicing yourself, you can always sign a special service contract for a cost-efficient maintenance and servicing of your system by Abwa-tec GmbH!

The special advantages of our systems and associated processes are obvious: universal applicability in various waste water environments, low energy requirements, and the fact that no chemicals are used for the separation.

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