Autonomous water treatment from Abwa-tec

Industrial progress is a topic that has to be observed globally and worldwide. The requirements that go hand in hand with this include a reliable, intact water supply with process water.
In order to be able to guarantee this supply even in the most remote areas of our globe, a high degree of inventiveness and engineering skill is required.
Abwa-tec GmbH has taken on exactly this topic and designed a self-sufficient water treatment system.
In this case, self-sufficient means to use energies that we find in the great outdoors. The water treatment is thus decoupled from complicated infrastructural conditions. At Abwa-tec, we are thus moving towards a world in which the water supply can also be guaranteed in remote deserts, for example.
Because as you know, Abwa-tec has the following company principle: Water is life!

At Abwa-tec, water treatment meets years of experience, which is why we were able to fall back on our proven process technologies in a wide variety of industries for the construction. This comes into its own in the resulting water treatment system.

Water treatment from Abwa-tec – your advantage:

  • Habitat is created, filter system ensures the basic supply of drinking water
  • efficient, energy is taken from where it occurs in unlimited quantities, in nature
  • independent operation, rising energy costs will no longer play a role for you in the future
  • Weather damage, container construction protects the built-in process mechanics
  • No commissioning necessary, so moving the installation site can also be implemented quickly
  • Drinking water supply, the starting medium water meets the highest purity requirements

Water treatment from Abwa-tec - technical functionality and data:

A hydropower plant operated by solar energy and wind power produces water of drinking water quality as the starting medium. For water treatment, components from well-known manufacturers that have proven themselves at Abwa-tec are used. A water supply is possible from various sources rainwater or e.g. from standing water. As a result, uninhabited areas can be populated with this fully desalinated water or industrial progress can also begin here.

Energy supply: self-sufficient (wind energy, solar energy)

Flow rate: 1000 l / h

Filter technology: membrane technology

Quality of the starting medium: drinking water 99.999% free of viruses and bacteria

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