Food and drinking water applications

Water is a precious but limited commodity. Drinking water is a highly valued commodity all over the world, but unfortunately not everywhere in ample supply as in Central Europe. The scarcity of water and environmental influences are seemingly never-ending challenges when protecting and maintaining water resources. We took on the challenge to provide treated water of the highest quality for the food and beverage industry.

Our system engineering and technology permit us to consolidate water circulations and to integrate circulation systems to reuse water in its highest quality. This all protects the most valuable resource known to mankind.

Drinking water solutions by Abwa-tec

The technologies of Abwa-tec GmbH are used in the field of drinking water treatment and the food industry. Here we meet the requirements of the customers in order to provide the suitable water for the customer requirements as a supplier of water treatment systems.

We would be pleased to present our holistic concept to meet your requirements. Our expertise and experience is at your disposal. You are interested? Please contact us!