Water treatment for modular and tiny houses from Abwa-tec

The world is moving ever faster and living situations also have to adapt to this fact. This is where the modular / tiny house system comes into its own.
Oriented flexibly to personal requirements and life situations, the living situation can now also be integrated. In this area, too, Abwa-tec GmbH supplies the right system for water treatment.

This is where our many years of experience in the complex world of water treatment come into play. At Abwa-tec GmbH, we are able to respond individually to special customer inquiries or new industries, which we have once again demonstrated here.
In the project planning and technical system design, it was absolutely important to us to implement and underline the advantages of the modular houses in our system.
We are proud of the resulting Abwa-tec product. It combines both an extremely compact design and user-friendliness, which does not require any deep technical knowledge.

Abwa-tec Systems for modular and tiny houses - your advantages:

  • Compact design (0.60m x 1.20m x 0.40m), positive integration
  • Weatherproof or dust and water protection, mounting on outside walls is possible
  • Easy installation / commissioning, thus maximum flexibility
  • Self-sufficient operation, power supply via solar module is possible
  • Maintenance-friendly, no time-consuming maintenance intervals

Abwa-tec Systems for modular and tiny houses - technical functionality:

The need for pure water does not change even with this trend in living conditions. The Abwa-tec system uses process engineering to meet this need.
Various sources are conceivable as the starting medium (input water), such as rainwater or spring water.

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